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Photo: Cathy Taibbi





Meet Gizmo D. Wienerdog.



Found running loose on the side of the expressway, this little pup was saved by a kind-hearted lady and then quickly found his way into my home — and into my heart.

Ever see a puppy in a quandary? Take a moment to enjoy the video — silly Gizmo loves his squeaky toy.

As I heard someone say recently, he’s my ‘Ham and Cheese’!

He’s also smart and sweet, a wriggly, snuggly, loving soul who’s gotten a second chance at life.

It just goes to show that rescued, abandoned and shelter dogs make the very best of pets. You don’t have to buy a dog to get a great companion. You can adopt one.

Tragically, most thrown-away and shelter dogs don’t see happy endings, but we can change that. All it takes is being aware, and having a heart. The extra mile you go will be repaid a thousand times over.

Next time you want to add a new best friend to your family, please consider adopting a shelter dog, stray or rescue.

*Thank you to Jessica for saving Gizmo and bringing him to me to love.

** The link is to the Coweta County Animal Shelter/ Shelter Rescue in Georgia, but the same sad scenario plays out in every city, every day. You can make a difference!

Please make a difference. Save a life. Adopt your next pet.



Photo: Cathy Taibbi




(Stay tuned for timely Gizmo updates!)


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