Sharlie is a young wife and mother struggling for every breath. Already she is on borrowed time and needs a life-saving double-lung transplant immediately.

So far, at 32 years of age, Sharlie is beating the odds for someone with Cystic Fibrosis, but she really needs our help now. She’s already had to endure the death of her sister to the same insidious disease. You can read more about Sharlie here. Her cause is genuinely important.

The problem with causes, though – even one as urgent as this one – is that there are so many of them, all deserving, and all vying for our attention. And Sharlie is racing against the clock. How can HER cause not ‘get lost in the crowd’?

So the ‘power’ behind an enlightened and innovative Internet marketing business called Wildhorse Performance Marketing, Carlos ‘Art’ Nevarez, along with business partner Maria Gudelis, came up with an idea – a ‘win-win’ situation where the best way to raise the million dollars needed to get Sharlie her life-saving double-lung transplant just might be to raise money by helping people make money.

How is this cause different? Well, beyond just the request for donations, Nevarez realized that the best way to motivate people to help might be in giving them a way to also benefit from their actions.

In other words, give people more reasons to participate than just altruism.

Hence, for anyone who maybe can’t afford an outright donation (someone perhaps struggling to simply bring in some income), BreathlessMom.com offers more ways to help than just giving money or sharing the plea; you can become an ‘Affilate’ (it’s free!) and offer hugely discounted, high-value products to others, making a commission on any sales.

This concept of ‘Conscientious Capitalism’ just might make a difference here. For the sake of the cause, any money raised by Breathless Mom will go to securing the life saving surgery for Sharlie, and anything over and above the required money will go to the next in line for a lung transplant.
But in the meantime, those who want to help with the cause can also get a little income (which can be, in turn, also donated to BreathlessMom.com or kept to pay your own bills).

Here’s an example; Go the Breathless Mom at Facebook

Join the BreathlessMom cause and save a life!

and ‘Like’ the page. Then join (it’s FREE) BreathlessMom.com.

Once there you can just share the cause, donate to the cause or sign up to become an affiliate – then look over the array of products offered at deep discounts; you can buy them for yourself (great deals!) or you can simply promote them to your friends and social network. You could then make a commission on every sale of that product, while Sharlie, via BreathlessMom.com, gets the much needed donation toward her transplant.

For instance, if you choose to promote the anti-aging product called “Wow, you don’t look that old!“, not only can you offer a sought-after product at a huge savings, you get a monetary percentage of any sales, and BreathlessMom gets a donation – a real ‘win-win’ situation if ever there was one.

Sharlie is truly in a race against time. We want to save her life.

Please share this story, a life depends on it!

Visit the BreathlessMom.com web site and do what you can, today.

Thank you.