Two assertions long made regarding both trophy hunting and serial killing may have now been shown by science to indeed be related; DMGDS (Diminutive Male Genitalia Disorder Syndrome) and the serial murderers addiction to killing – no matter if the victims are human or non-humans.

The recent war on wolves in the American west, and the rabid, frightening intensity with which so-called ‘sportsmen’ are frothing at the mouth and swarming into the wilderness to blast, arrow, trap, poison and snare grey wolves and other essential predators, illustrates this graphically.

Given an EXCUSE to legally kill wolves or other predators, for instance, the socially malcontent and frustrated use these innocent animals as scapegoats for their personal problems. Just visit YouTube for the graphic and disturbing videos they post of bowhunts, trapped animals suffering while the trappers wax poetic for the video camera; or note in some what seems for all the world like orgasmic moans and screams the moment the hunter’s arrow or bullet strikes an unsuspecting animal.

For a full report on the link between serial killing and trophy hunting please see this post from Howling for Justice. The story contains a well-researched article from famed ‘Lion Man’ and wildlife advocate Gareth Patterson and includes a video on canned lion hunts that I recommend that you watch.

And the oft-heard comment that Big White Hunter must be compensating for a very small ‘package’?  Well, that may very well be true. Please see this report from the Diminutive Male Genitalia Disorder Research Foundation, which has found the long-suspected genetic abnormality on the 21st chromosome; an abnormality which implicates ‘under-endowment’ with a psychological need to dominate a helpless victim (Controlled Victim Aggression Manifestation). While this study may have been intended as parody, there’s no denying that ‘real men’ should not have to indulge in deliberate cruelty and sadism to ANY creature, human or non-human, to get their ‘jollies’.

From the evidence it appears both trophy hunters and serial killers are driven by abnormalities of the psyche and not only need help but they need to be removed from mainstream society for the protection of humans, pets and wildlife.

Take a look at the video below – THIS is what ‘sport’ and trophy hunting is actually about.