Excellent and succinct summary – Really sheds light on just how hysterical and irrational this war on wolves really is.

Howling For Justice

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Let me preface this first by saying I’m a dog lover, they’ve been my wonderful companions throughout my life. We love our dogs but know they can and do bite. It’s pretty hard to find anyone in this country who hasn’t been bitten themselves or knows of someone who’s suffered a dog bite. It’s reality, yet wolf haters get away with spreading evil anecdotal claims about wolves. These “stories” are often reported as fact in local and even MSM media without a shred of evidence to back them up.  But statistics prove wolves are the least dangerous of all large carnivores in North America, rarely attacking or biting anyone. In the last 100 years, wolves have been accused in just TWO controversial fatal attacks,  yet in 2013 alone 4.5 million people were bitten by dogs, including 2 million children and 5581 postal workers, dogs also killed 32 people last year.

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