It’s been a very tough fight, advocating for the Earth, wildlife, (and animal life of all kinds), and for our global enlightenment.

Every so often I have to take a breather from all the angst, refresh my soul and learn to see the beauty, the wonder, the miracles again, not the cascade of catastrophic losses facing our planet.

Fixing one’s gaze on the impending wreck just assures it.

Perhaps fixing one’s gaze on the wonder, the brilliance, even the tiniest delights of our living planet, can help us steer toward that vibrant destination, and a more optimistic future.

Maybe art can help.

Besides, I need it. Like air. Like water. Like food. I need art in my life again. I need to feel the creative spark come alive after years of being pushed aside while I signed petitions, wrote articles, shared causes on social media sites, and spent evenings crying (really, deeply crying).

Those of you who also advocate for the Earth, for animals, for the helpless, know exactly what I’m talking about.

So bear with me please, as I reconnect to my more ‘artsy’ side, and share my work (whether photos, drawings, paintings or whatever.)

While dragging out the paints or clay is a daunting prospect at this moment, the cell phone is ever handy.

So here’s a trusting and optimistic little baby grasshopper, not even 1/4 inch long yet, to get us started.

“Are you my Mommy?”

Cute little baby grasshopper climbing stalk at my garden wildlife pond.

Cute little baby grasshopper climbing stalk at my garden wildlife pond.

More such photos can be seen on my other blog, “Taibbi Studios“.