Excellent and timely shake-down. We have to expose the hunting / trapping lobby for what it is – It’s NOT about conservation, but about the creation and maintenance of game farms for the benefit of consumptive (lethal) users. Speak out now against turning our public lands, conservation areas etc into more recreational killing fields instead of the safe, intact wildlife sanctuaries they are meat to be. And stop the unconscionable war on wolves, bears and other necessary, important native predators. A wilderness without wolves is no wilderness.

Our Wisconsin, Our Wildlife

National Wildlife Federation- We are looking at you an your hypocrisy. National Wildlife Federation- We are looking at you and your hypocrisy.

One of the things most concerning to wildlife advocates is the idea that recreational hunting, hounding, and trapping are views as “heritage” and “tradition” in many parts of the country. Nowhere is this justification for wholesale killing more prevalent than in Wisconsin. Wildlife killers and exploiters have long duped the public into believing that they are the real “conservationists” and that if they didn’t kill wildlife they would die of “starvation and disease.” They also like to boast about how much money they put into “conservation” and how they fund the state fish and wildlife agencies that cater to their every whim. The myth that killing is conservation has become so deep seeded in our society that it is very difficult to change those false perceptions.

For an example of how pro-killing organizations have duped the general public into…

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