This brilliant, no-holds-barred re-blog encore post about the TRUTH behind the lies spewed by the hunting/trapping lobby, is a must-read and must-share. Hunters and trappers have killed off entire species out of greed and lust for bloody ‘conquest’ jollies. Biodiversity in decreasing, and HUNTERS are a grossly-overlooked, significant reason. We need to take back our woods, fields and wetlands and save our natural, living world from this murderous ‘recreation’.

Howling For Justice

Dr. Denise Albert was able to remove a snare from around a wolf’s neck and treat the animal with antibiotics. NPS photo

Warning Graphic Photos and Videos

July 16, 2014

This is Joy Williams timeless essay on hunting,  which exposes the brutality of the “sport”. It’s as true today as when she wrote it 24 years ago.

I post this every year or so to remind people what we’re up against and how humans contribute to animal suffering for sport.

I highlighted the paragraphs she devotes to wolves and their reintroduction, which was still years away when this essay was written. Peering into the future she predicted the terrible fate awaiting them.

What killing snares do. Imagine the pain this wolf suffered.


The Killing Game

by Joy Williams

October  1990, Esquire Magazine

Death and suffering are a big part of hunting.  A big part. Not that you’d ever know it…

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